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Top 5 Bad Habits While Driving

Top 5 Bad Habits While Driving

Driving a vehicle is easy if you follow certain rules. While driving, we have some bad habits which can be very risky at times. There are set of rules which we should follow in order to avoid any accidents. In this blog, we will discuss the various bad habits drivers have while driving a car. There are many annoying habits but we will discuss the major ones in this blog. There is a constant rise of the road rage as the number of cars has been increasing daily. Some of the mishaps happen due to the driver’s fault. Sometimes they don’t follow the traffic rules which become fatal for other people around them. Bad habits of few drivers are a constant cause of trouble for others who try to follow the rules.

Let’s discuss the common bad habits drivers have while driving. You can relate these to people you come across every day as they are very common.

We all have done this once in our lifetime: talking over phone while driving. This is the most common habit people have while driving and this could be very dangerous. Sometimes the phone calls are urgent so we had to pick up the phone. Car manufacturers have installed new features where you don’t have to pick your phone to talk. Still, some of us aren’t using this technology and going old school. This will distract you and there will be lack of concentration on the road. Not only phone, you may be distracted due to various reasons, but try not to.

One of the basic rules of driving a vehicle is using indicator whenever necessary. But according to a study it is seen that one out of four drivers forgets to use indicators while taking a turn. Indicators are used to let the passerby know which direction you are heading. Let’s consider a situation, you do not use indicator while taking a right turn and the car behind you wants to overtake you. What happens next? Trouble and more trouble. If you get lucky, you might escape being hit but getting hit and damaging the body is the most likely outcome. This happens because the car behind you has no clue that you are taking a right turn. This kind of situations can be avoided if you use indicators properly.

One golden rule is never change your lane unless needed; this will help you avoid many unwanted situations while driving. Changing lanes or driving in the wrong pathway can be fatal not only for you but also for cars around you. We often change lanes to overtake the car in front of us. Overtaking a car is fine if you concentrate on your driving and be within a speed limit. But overtaking a car while speeding is a very bad driving habit most of us have. This runs a risk of getting hit by a car coming from the other lane or a car coming from behind. We need to be more cautious while overtaking especially on a highway where everyone drives fast.

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Most of the drivers are bad in parking vehicles or very ignorant about the surroundings. Parking in the right area is very important as it helps other cars to park in the given space. If you park in the middle of two car parking spaces then you are wasting space allotted to another car. Drivers sometimes park the car in front of a shop blocking the path for the entry. This lack of common sense can cause nuisance, therefore, we should get rid of this annoying habit.

Sometimes we see people showing off or performing a stunt in public places with their cars. This kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable and should not be appreciated. Mostly the young generation has the tendency to do so. Aggressive driving is another bad habit of drivers and should be taken care of. Respecting fellow drivers are important to maintain peace in public places. Maintaining a normal speed will more likely to take you home rather than a hospital.

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